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Steve Miller – Guitar, piano, bass, vocals
Lonnie Turner – Bass
Bobby Winkelman – Bass, background vocals, lead vocal “Good Morning”
Ben Sidran – Keyboards
Nicky Hopkins – Keyboards
Tim Davis – Drums, background vocals, lead vocal “Hot Chili,” “Tokin’s”

Charlie McCoy – Harmonica on “I Love You,” “Goin’ To the Country,” "Tokin’s”
Buddy Spicher – Fiddle on “Goin’ To the Country”
Lee Michaels -- Organ on "Going To Mexico"
James Curley Cooke – Guitar on “Goin’ To Mexico,” “Hot Chili”
Jimmy Tillman – Drums on “Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango”
Nicky Hopkins – Piano on “Hot Chili,” “Jackson-Kent Blues,””Never Kill Another Man”
Jim Miller – Guitar on “Good Morning,” “Jackson-Kent Blues”
Bud Billings – Trumpet on “Hot Chili”
Wayne Moss – Guitar, bass on “Tokin’s”
Bobby Thompson – Banjo on “Tokin’s”

Recorded at Cinderella Sound, Nashville
Engineered by Wayne Moss
(“Goin’ To Mexico” mixed by Glyn Johns)
Produced by Steve Miller

Released November, 1970
Top Billboard Chart Position 23 (26 weeks)

1. Good Morning
2. I Love You
3. Going To The Country
4. Hot Chilli
5. Tokin's
6. Going To Mexico
7. Midnight Tango
8. Industrial Militatry Complex Hex
9. Jackson-Kent Blues
10. Never Kill Another Man
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